Rajesh David

Rajesh, brings in the vocals to the Tŷhai mix.

An accomplished and versatile singer and composer, he has trained in Indian classical music under the tutelage of renowned Indian classical vocalist.

Born in India into a family of singers, he was an graded artist for the All India Radio and Television. His style of singing and compositions, influenced by Indian classical and folk traditions as well as contemporary music are inspiring, energetic and heart opening.

As a singer in Tŷhai he bridges the music and culture of the Celtic world and India: singing in Hindi, Sanskrit, English and even Welsh (he is a Welsh language learner), as well as the musical language of sargams, taranas and bols.

He enjoys working with musicians of different genres, bringing music and cultures together:


Collaborative projects include:

  • CD album “Gwanwyn” with Dylan Fowler and Pete Stacey in the Indo-Celtic trio 





  • with electronic ambient composers Paul Sharma,Oliver and Peter Spencer, performing as The Minimal 4tet at the Brighton Fringe Festival.



  • Not this, not that



  • voice of Bobbi Sing-Song in “Moshi Monsters – the Movie”, singing “Welcome to Jollywood”



  • Working with traditional Welsh folk songs. Lisa Lan played on Radio Cymru


  • cover version (Bombay Mix) of Lorraine Bowen’s “Crumble Song”, played on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6


  • with Zambra Flamenco at the Diss Corn Hall and at the Drum Camp Festival in Norwich.


  • with Indo-Jazz group Jadu, performing at Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival in Samarkand


His passion for music and his study of Yoga has inspired him to develop seminars on Yoga practices and philosophy such as Nada, Bhakti and Kriya Yoga which he gives in UK and abroad.

He has produced several CD albums of his compositions as well a yoga practice CDs. His latest CD album “Piya: Sufi Tales of Love”  is inspired by the poems of the Sufi poet Amir Khusro.

Rajesh David
CD cover "Mangalam"
CD cover "Piya: Sufi tales of love

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